Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Scent For Your Soul

      Whenever I know I am going to be spending a couple of hours in my room I light a candle.  I do this whether I am watching a TV show on Netflix, doing homework, or simply cleaning.  There is just something about dimming the lights and lighting a candle that is good for your soul.  If you don't believe me, just give it a try.
    That being said, all candles are not the same.  I have wasted so much money on candles that don't spread the scent well, or that smell nothing like I thought it would once it is burning.  I have to say, even the Bath and Body Works candles everyone raves about are not always that good.  Pretty overrated if you ask me.  So, the point of this post is to share with you, me being an admitted candle addict, my favorite candles.
      The Our Own Candle Company candles are literally the best candles I have ever burned.  I had a friend who recommended them to me and I haven't turned back since.  I know you can get them at AC Moore and they have a website.  They are so adorable, packaged in glass mason jars, and have amazing scents to choose from.  Plus, if you get them from AC Moore, you can use the weekly coupon and get them for six dollars apiece.  The point of this post isn't to sell you an item, especially since I do not benefit from it all, but simply to share with you a candle that I believe is truly worth your money.  As a college student i am all about getting the most bang for your buck and I believe these candles truly accomplish that goal.
      I hope you can find these amazing candles and just take a moment to enjoy them.  I'll post a couple of pictures of my Rootbeer Float and Pumpkin Spice/Cinnamon Buns/French Vanilla
scented candles from Our Own Candle Company for you to get an idea of what they are like.




xoxo Gossip Girl (lol. I had to do that at least once!)
xoxo Kate :)


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