Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Girl With A Dream

        Hi and welcome!  I just want to take a second to tell you a little bit about myself, because what is the fun in reading a blog without knowing who I am?

        My name is Kate and I am a twenty year old college student, currently enjoying my junior year.  At the moment, I am in a specialized two year program to get my B.S.W (Bachelors in Social Work).  My plan is to try to get accepted into the M.S.W/J.D. Dual Degree program to be licensed as both a social worker and a lawyer.  Sometimes school can consume my life, and while I am proud of my accomplishments I realize that I need to add something meaningful to my life.  So I want to use this blog to both hold myself accountable for my goals and to help you make it through school as well.

        I might be able to help any current, prospective, or aspiring college student because of my experiences with several colleges.  I went to a small private school for my first two years of college and it was crazy because it was even smaller than my high school!  Yet, as much as it helped shape me into a more confident and independent person, it also was not enough for me.  So, I transferred to a huge University.  Talk about a change of scenery! However, the difference this time is that I am commuting from home, and I'm in a specialized program with about forty other students in my year.   I even took classes at a local community college (which was bigger than my first school) to finish up some credits. Now I have an understanding of how all sorts of college programs and schools work and know a ton of tips and tricks to make it out alive!

        Besides my collegiate experiences, I want to use this blog to share things that make me happy.  So, that could be anything from make-up, hair products, quotes, music, places, websites, etc.  Plus, I would love this to be interactive somehow since I love to meet new people.  I think the best way to learn is to share experiences with others. So my hope is that someday this little blog will grow into a place where we can all share hopes, dreams and ideas as well as mistakes.

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone catches that dreamer's disease!
        <3 Kate

P.S... Check me out on tumblr! It is spelled a little differently so watch out! I hope it helps you get to know me a little better and that something on it inspires you.


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